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Getting Started
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Simple Steps
Supplies Needed
Simple Scrapbook

How to get Started with Scrapbooking

Getting Started
by Gayle Humphreys for Simple Scrapbooks Magazine

How to Get Started

When you’re ready to create a simple scrapbook, start with this formula. Answering these nine questions will help determine the purpose and format for your album. For reference, keep this formula in a handy place as you gather your materials, design and create pages, or add future updates.


Why am I making this album? Ask yourself:

  • Who or what am I celebrating (child’s life, vacation, relationship or hobby)?

  • What emotion do I want to capture (romance, gratitude, remembrance)?

  • How will I use this album (gift, showcase, update yearly)


What size and style of album will I use?


How will I organize my album?

  • Chronological highlights (monthly pages, yearly updates or by person)

  • Theme (holidays, vacations, school)

  • Favorites (photos I love, collections, girlfriends, etc)

  • Alpha/numeric list (top-ten list, ABC book)

  • Question & Answer (interview style, use of a questionnaire)

  • Other (Don’t feel constrained by someone else’s guidelines; imagine the possibilities and blur the lines)

What framework pages will I include in the album?

  • Title page

  • Dedication page

  • Table of contents

  • Section pages

  • Filler pages (How many in each section?)

  • Closing page

  • Other

What is my color scheme? (Attach color swatches to this list.)


What decorative accents will I use? (Attach samples and/or product info.)


How will I arrange my photos and journaling on the framework and filler pages to create a unified look and feel? This is your design scheme. (Draw thumbnail sketches on the back of this card.)



Do I need to gather additional information (such as stories, names and dates)? If yes, what? Who do I need to contact?

What photos do I need to complete the album? Do I have all of the photographs, or do I need to contact someone or take more photos?

You have photographs and now what do you do with them?  Getting started scrapbooking can be the hardest part. Here you will find information about albums, archival safety, and basic techniques for the beginning scrapbooker.

Simple Steps to Creating Your First Scrapbook Page
Choosing an album, gathering supplies, and getting out your photos are just the beginning of a hobby that will preserve your family's most treasured moments for years to come. This article gives you the "know-how" you need to get started with confidence.

Supplies Needed to Get Started Scrapbooking
You have the photos and you have seen gorgeous scrapbooks that friends or relatives have made. You even have a budding desire to be a scrapbooker, but when you enter the scrapbook aisle at the craft store or walk into a scrapbook store, you feel lost and don't know where to begin. This article contains a printable list to help you get started with the right supplies.

What is a Simple Scrapbook?
Simple scrapbooks. You’ve heard the term, seen the magazine and maybe even read the book that started it all. But perhaps you’re still wondering—what exactly is a “simple scrapbook”? Does “simple” imply that it’s just for beginners? Or lacking in creativity and content? Not at all! This article gives you all you need to know to get started making simple scrapbooks this weekend.


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