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Welcome to Citation Photography Website!

This a website purely for the enjoyment and sharing the photos that has been taken at various venues.  Some photos might very be spectacular and some might just not be.  Enjoy them as the photos were taken with the idea to share with friends and family as well as the public out there that might be interesting to see.

Riaan Van Zyl has been behind the camera for a numbers of years.  He photos were and are still being published on websites and some magazines and news papers.

Riaan's love for flying made him make a career change in becoming a full time pilot.  He has been at the controls of aircraft since 1977 and has flown in the access of 15,000 hours.  Riaan is flying for a local domestic airline being based in Cape Town.  He is also a flight instructor and is involved in the training of pilots in the airline as well as doing the line checks to ensure that flying standards are kept high.  Needless to mention that his first love is photographing aircraft.  That can also be seen on the number of photos of aircraft that has be taken.

Riaan and his family are also involved in caravanning and 4x4 off-road camping in the Western Cape very much.  He has been a member of the Caravan Club of Southern Africa (CCSA) since 2003.  He was chairman of the largest region out of 48 regions, CCSA Tygerberg Region, for the past 5 years.  He has been voted to the post of National Executive Committee Member for the Western Cape in August 2008.  With his love for photography, he started a very successful website for the CCSA in the Western Cape in 2003.  Each region now manages their own website while Riaan is still responsible for his region's website as well as the Western Cape Provincial website.  By judging the number of photographs that is on the caravan club's website, does prove that the cameras has been working over a rally weekend!!

Photographs that still intrigues Riaan very much is the outdoor life, especially with the 4x4 trips.  The landscapes late in the afternoons, with the sunsets, and early mornings, with sunrises, are just unbelievable.  Just sit down for a moment and close your eyes and imaging this: you are sitting on a farm, in the middel of no where ... just the off-road trailer behind you ... with the fire burning ... the sunsets in front of you ... the sky is a red-orange color ... and you are have a mug of warm 'moer' coffee ... man, now this is where ONLY the camera can describe the feeling!!  Remember the saying: a picture paints a millions words.

Sunset at Mariental, Namibia

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